Summer Language School

Language skills represent an important investment for a child's future. They are of great significance for the working career but also for integration into society. Disadvantaged children have less opportunity to develop their language and communication skills and that is why the project aims to improve their English proficiency. The Summer Language School builds on the similar previous projects Stříbrný groš (Silver Penny) and Zlatý dukát (Golden Ducat).

Deadline for applications - April 10, 2019

Applicants need to meet the following conditions

  • age from 16 to 26
  • social handicap (project is intended for children from children's homes)
  • very good school results
  • completion of a minimum of one year of English classes

List of required documents

  • completed application form
  • copy of the last school report (from January 2019)
  • motivation letter in English
  • CV in English with a signature

Additional information

  • participation at Summer Language school is fully covered (transport, school fees, accomodation, food)
  • applications shall be sent by post to the Foundation's address
  • Summer Language School capacity is limited
  • the OHF does not provide escort for participants either on their way or at the place 
  • participants will receive travel instructions approximately a week before departure

Letters from participants:

„The whole two weeks have been a great test. For the first time, I stayed in a foreign country so long on my own, but I succeeded! I proved to myself that I was able to travel, to communicate in English and to deal with a lot of things connected with a stay abroad independently. During my studies at a secondary school specialized in the hotel industry and tourism, I will, for sure, use what I learned abroad. Thank you very much!"
Miroslava B.

"I´d like to thank for such a unique opportunity to fly to and study in England for two weeks. It was a great experience for me. Previously, I was quite embarrassed when speaking English. It is very different today and I believe I will also get better results at school. I have so many new experiences, for example it was the first flight in my life".
Adéla Š.

"Excellent, highly qualified teachers, very nice and friendly. They answered all our questions with perfect explanation. Very effective learning process was held in an entertaining form. Classes focused on listening, grammar, and creative thinking, tested either in written or verbal forms. The course helped me to understand the spoken English and also to get rid of the communication barriers".
Aneta B.

"I learned a lot at the language course. I met new friends and improved my English pronunciation. Teachers were amusing. We played games or revised vocabulary. It was different from what we do at home. I liked it better. The level of English was a bit difficult for me at the beginning. I did not mind going to school during the summer holidays as I had an opportunity to practice English".
Simona K.

Project partners:

  • Jana Strømsnes
  • PhDr. JIndra Čekanová
  • ČSOB Asset Management
  • CK INTACT - studium v zahraničí, s. r. o.
  • donors at the Christmas charity concert organized by Kocián Šolc Balaštík law firm


„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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