Pathways Towards Integration

The Pathways Towards Integration programme is built on the original message of the Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation: helping handicapped children and adults to integrate into society an enable them to enjoy living conditions equal to others. Extensive programme Pathways towards integration was one of the first programmes of the Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation.

The Foundation provides contributions to individuals and non-profit organisations, which provide quality and modern social services to people in need. The Foundation contributes as much as it can and tries to help especially those who would not otherwise be able to purchase the needed aids. It contributes to purchasing medical aids, rehabilitation and compensation aids, and carefully monitors their proper usage.

Application process is open throughout the whole year. (The Board of Directors meets once a month and evaluates applications received.)

What does the programme support?

  • early care
  • rentals of rehabilitation and compensation aids
  • daily stationers (care centres) 
  • protected, safe, and supportive employment opportunities
  • protected living
  • for individuals – purchasing wheelchairs and additional accessories, various types of compensation and rehabilitation aids 

Applications for grants provided by the programme can be sent by individuals or non-governmental non-profit organisations with a legal form of:

  • public benefit corporation
  • recorded institute
  • civic association
  • registered legal entity (church)

Additional information

  • application form for individuals
  • application form for ogranisations
  • applications shall meet grant rules
  • applications shall be sent by post to the Foundation address
  • the already purchased or pre-payed aids/services shall not be reimbursed by the OHF neither will the applicant receive any direct financial support through his or her bank account; following an approval of the financial contribution, the OHF pays the invoice (completely or partially) directly to the aids/service supplier



„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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