Fund to Help Children with CP

Birth of a child with cerebral palsy (CP) brings families not only a great psychological harm but also a financial burden. Special movement therapy, Therasuit (neurorehabilitation) is of great importance for improving the health status of a child with CP but can also be the most costly item in the family budget. Therasuit is a comprehensive treatment for patients with neurological disabilities such as cerebral palsy or developmental delay.

Profit from the ČSOB Goodwill Card – a unique payment card for ČSOB Private Banking clients – enables the Olga Havel Foundation to contribute to neurorehabilitation of children with CP in medical facilities. The project to help families with children with severe forms of cerebral palsy (Fund to help children with CP) builds on Professor Šilhánková Fund which, in 2013 and 2014, partly funded curative and therapeutic stays for children with disabilities.

Deadline for applications - February 1, 2022

What does the programme support?

  • neurorehabilitation for children and young people under the age of 26 with CP in medical facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

List of required documents

  • application for grant (application form)
  • copy of the medical report on the health status of the applicant
  • copy of the recommendation of this treatment by the treating physician
  • copy of the confirmation of planned admission from the medical facility

Additional information

  • application for a child is submitted by its legal representative
  • applications shall be sent by post to the Foundation address, date of submission is significant
  • applications shall meet grant rules
  • maximum amount of a contribution is CZK 10,000
  • it is not possible to pay the costs of the escort
  • neurorehabilitation already paid for shall not be reimbursed retroactively


„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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