The Olga Havel Award 2019

Tereza Nagyová became laureate of the Olga Havel Award 2019 for her educational activities concerning life with stoma.

Tereza Nagyová has been living with her aggressive form of Crohn's disease since the age of 18. After a few years, her disease lead to a stoma (artificially created intestinal outbreak outside the abdominal cavity). Following her experience with how little the stoma is publicly spoken about and how little people know about it, she decided to raise awareness of the subject under the auspices of the ILCO patient organization, then on her blog NEJSEMTABU. Later, in collaboration with Revenium society, she actively launched educational seminars for stoma patients and nurses, and, within her company, MyPouch, she designed a collection of underwear and swimwear for stoma patients for which she was also awarded grants by government committee for people with disabilities. However, she is involved not only in her work concerning stoma. She was a curator of an exhibition of works of patients with multiple sclerosis, Journey to the Rainbow. In addition to the undisputed quality of her work,  her personal and human overlap that positively affects all people around, is the reason for appraisal.

“I was extremely pleased with the Olga Havel Award. In our family, we highly respected Olga and Václav Havel and we were educated according to Masaryk's model and principles, which is why it makes me twice as happy,”says Tereza Nagyová.

Public Award belongs to Josef Cerha from Prague, director of Tyfloservis company. 

Josef Cerha started to lose sight in very early age. Yet, he was not afraid of his handicap and successfully graduated high school, university, and became a doctor of philosophy. The problems for blind and visually impaired people started to be a subject of his interest during his university studies. Later on, he worked with severely visually impaired children and youth, in cooperation with other specialists he organized rehabilitation stays for parents of blind and severely sighted children. In 1986, he published a handbook for the guides of a blind.

The award ceremony took place on 27 May in the New Building of the National Museum. It was moderated by Justin Svoboda. Brixi's Academic choir performered at the ceremony.

Mgr. MILUŠE HORSKÁ, Vice-President of the Senate, Mgr. ANNA ŠABATOVÁ, Ph.D., Public Defender of Rights, and HANA TŘESTÍKOVÁ, MgA., City of Prague counsillor, took patronage over the ceremony.

Partners: Economia, ČSOB, Radio 1, National Museum, Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, Mountfield, Czech representation of Volvo and Auto Průhonice, Minet elektro.



  • Jiří Hák from KESIDA, Ltd. - for the significant support of the Foundation's programmes through the Advent Concerts of Good Will organized by Kocián Šolc Balaštík
  • PhDr. Jindra Čekanová - for her significant support of the Summer Language School for Children from Children's Homes, which she has been providing since 2012
  • Volvo Car Czech Republic, and Auto Průhonice, Ltd. - for a material donation in the form of lending a Volvo car to implement the Foundation's projects, especially during Olga Havel's Year
  • Hana Hovorka - for significant and long-term support of projects of the Committee of Good Will


  • Raul, Ltd. - for connecting the Jizerská 50 race with charitable collections of the Foundation, which raised almost CZK 300.000 in two years
  • Radio 1 - for long-term and effective media support of the OHF projects
  • Tomáš Novotný from ACILUZO, Ltd. - for significant financial and material donations to the Committee of Good Will and the Foundation's involvement in charity triathlon races
  • Tatjana Langášková, Czech Center in Warsaw - for long-term awareness about Olga Havel's legacy in Poland


  • Klára Laurenčíková, Chairwoman of the Czech Professional Society for Inclusive Education - for promoting the quality and openness of educational systems and activities in the area of ​​transforming the care system for vulnerable children
  • Vteřina poté (Second  Thereafter) grouping - for the promotion of the rights of children growing up in institutional care facilities and activities to change the system of institutional care in the Czech Republic
  • Handicap Heart Centre - for the integration of people with health, especially mental, disability into society, enabling these people to lead a quality and full life. The organization helps individuals from Poděbrady and the surrounding area
  • Hospice in Most - for providing quality palliative care to the needy from Most and its surroundings since 2005



MUDr. Milena Černá for her commitment to enhancement of civil society





„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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