The OHF's contribution allowed Pavlík to undergo neurorehabilitation

The OHF Board provided financial contribution to Pavlík, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, for a special mobility therapy Therasuit (neurorehabilitation).

“Dear Board members, 
We would like to thank you for the financial contribution for therapy Kosmík at Neuroaxon. 
Pavlík handled the therapy well. As he is scared of children, therapists did their best and provided a separate room for individual exercising without other children. He spent 4 hours per day exercising. They started with warming up, massages, stretching and proceeded to neuromobilisation - pressure on joints and activation of receptors leading information about the joints status into brain. They teach parents how to do this method at the end of the therapy. Another part of the exercise took place in a special cage, where Pavlík had to pick up different weights. This method helps to fix weakened or shrank muscles. Third part of the therapy was with a special therasuit aimed at strengthening those muscles, which he couldn't manage himself. Then he walked on crutches. The last part included a couple of steps: motomed, oxygen therapy and snoezelen, where children relax. 
Pavlík is more flexible now. He learned to sit properly. Although we have to remind him, he already knows how to do it and can hold on. His greatest achievement is learning to stand. At the beginning he could only stand still for a few seconds maximum, while now it is even a minute. 
Thank you for helping us to undergo this therapy!”

Pavlík’s mother

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