Siblings and friends are the most valuable thing in my life

The Education Fund gave scholarships to ten students. One of them was Natália from children’s home in Kroměříž.

This cheerful blonde is full of energy on the first sight. Natália Mikulová is a friendly, optimistic, confident young woman. It is hard to believe that she spent her early childhood living with her mentally ill mother and used to live in children’s home until she was nine. 

Natália got to the children’s home with her three siblings. Her youngest sister was placed into a foster family. Natália’s mother was unable to take care of her children and Natália barely knows her father. He showed no interest in his children after divorce. “I was at a camp when some people came to me and said they would take me to a children’s home. It wasn’t that bad for me. I missed my mom but I had a nice room there as well as my two sisters and brother,” recalls Natália. 

It has been eleven years since then. Natália graduated at the secondary school in Kroměříž and now she studies marketing at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague. She is happy with her life. She doesn’t complain or feel sorry. Her huge commitment and desire to create better conditions than she knows from her childhood brought her all the success. She is doing it for herself and her family. 

As she said, life in children’s home taught her to be independent. She is 20 and almost self-sufficient. The children’s home contributes to food, clothes and some pocket money. Natália makes the rest of the money she needs via short part-time jobs and also grants from NGOs and funds. She was very grateful for the grant she received. “I will use the money to cover the transport expenses and food. Everything is expensive here in Prague and I eat a lot,” laughs Natália.  

It is unbelievable how much this tiny girl could handle. In addition to studies she works and still has time for sports, friends and siblings. They are the most valuable things in her life, with no doubt. “I am ambitious. I want to have a good life and I need education and money for that. Therefore I dedicate most of my time to studying and working. But I would never neglect my family and friends. I would meet them even if I had to sleep less,” describes her priorities Natália.

Her dream is to become a manager or establish a company with her siblings. She likes to be in control of things and manage them. Natália is responsible and often worries about having things done on time and properly. “I always have a “to do list” in my mind. I get mad when something is not how it should be. That’s why I love sports so much. It helps me to relax. I forget all the responsibilities and duties when I run”, says Natália. 

Natália never stops. She is constantly working on her self-improvement. She is aware that together with formal studies it is necessary to have some practical experience to get a good job nowadays. That’s why she is already looking for an internship in marketing.

The Education fund is a mutual project of ČSOB and the Olga Havel Foundation.

Photo: Pavel Vítek


„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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