Salzburg seminars bring valuable experience to Czech doctors

The Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation coordinates the Salzburg Seminars project on behalf of the Czech Republic, which has been offering doctors a unique form of postgraduate education under the auspices of The American Austrian Foundation since 1993. The project is funded by the The American Austrian Foundation and co-financed by the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economics and other non-profit organizations.

"I would like to thank the Goodwill Committee very much for the opportunity to attend the OMI seminar in Salzburg last week. The environment, the program, and especially the speakers from Duke University were absolutely wonderful and I firmly believe that the contacts I made will be transformed into close cooperation with physicians in the Czech Republic," wrote Dalibor Stoszek, MD, Chief of the AFI Clinic, Canadian Medical, who attended the Family Medicine Seminar in Salzburg in February.

Salzburg seminars, organized in all basic fields and specialties, give Czech doctors the opportunity to meet specialists from all over the world and, in addition to exchanging valuable experience, the opportunity to compare their professional level and competencies. At the same time, they help to raise the level of healthcare in the participating countries, as they are led by renowned experts from American and Austrian universities.

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