New collection for psychological help for war-scarred children from Ukraine

Please help reduce the trauma of war affected children from Ukraine. Your donation will be used to pay for psychological care for the children who reside in the Czech Republic and to support Ukrainian children who have been illegally detained on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Psychological problems are one of the most serious consequences of the war in Ukraine. The psyche and anxiety of the people of Ukraine, and especially of the children, is exacerbated by the endlessness of the reckless Russian aggression, the intensification of fighting on the front and the personal and material losses. The trauma of war has left them with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression and sleep disorders.

Ukrainian children have lost their existing security through the loss of loved ones, friends, and forced changes in their place of residence and school. They are also experiencing a loss of personal, national and linguistic identity. They are sensitive to their parents' insecurity and fear, if they can be with them at all. They live a double life - in our country and in Ukraine, which is in itself challenging. They are often thrust into new roles in life, especially boys towards their mothers, with which comes great responsibility that they are not ready to take on.

Neglecting to address these problems could lead to an extreme deterioration of the psychological state of Ukrainian children. They urgently need the restoration of lost points of support, a sense of security, greater self-confidence and improved communication skills.

The collection is organized by the Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation. Foundation until now supported 45 non-profit organizations across the Czech Republic in providing professional assistance to refugees from Ukraine with a strong emphasis on professional psychological help. Thanks to the cooperation with AMIGA, individual psychological support has so far been provided to 1,150 clients and group activities have been carried out for more than 3,700 children in need. The collection will help to continue this activity and, in addition, to extend help to children on the territory of Ukraine.

We would like to thank AMIGA (Agency for Migration and Adaptation AMIGA, z.s.) for providing the stories of help and photographs and photographer Petr Vrabec.


A new collection was founded in connection with the Second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform held on 24 October in Prague. The patronage of the collection was taken over by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Markéta Pekarová Adamová, the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Ruslan Stefančuk and the Presidential Office of Ukraine. 

„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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