ČSOB’s participation in the “Ride a bike to work” campaign helped Soňa to get a new wheelchair

Thanks to ČSOB, Soňa is one of four recipients of new medical aid. A total of 224 employees of ČSOB in 64 teams participated in the campaign “Ride a bike to work”, and together completed 49,658 km.

ČSOB traditionally covered the entrance fee for its employees and for the first time also awarded their completed kilometres – by donating 2 crowns per kilometre to the OHF for the purpose of helping children and adults on wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Financial contribution reached CZK 99,316 in total.
“Hello to all of you in Prague and thank you very much. We are not a family of  writers, although we read a lot and only dad watches TV, but he gets mad watching news every time. However, we write traditional Christmas and Easter wishes to our family and friends, and it makes us happy when they say how much they appreciate the only written wish they get from us, because others send mere text messages. Therefore we decided to write to all of you, who contributed and helped us to buy a new wheelchair for our Soňa, and we would like to keep writing you in the future. You will be forever in our hearts as they are not many who helped us on our journey with her handicap. We haven’t met many such people in 35 years and we appreciate your bearing in mind those who in order to live normal live need a bit more than healthy people. When our daughter was born, weighting 1000 g, doctors told us that people like you will help us in the future. Unfortunately neither social workers nor other professionals but you - ordinary people with hearts. Therefore we thank you, you are our lights and we are sending you this sunny greetings from our home, together with our pets who would caress you with their paws. Trust me, the moment Soňa gets her new wheelchair they will properly check it out to see how comfortable it is to sleep on. I am happy too, that it will be lighter and therefore easier to put in the car, so that I can handle it better and keep driving to work and to the stationary in Olomouc. Trust me, we would love to ride a bike just like you, but with this new wheelchair we can go to our favourite places suitable for wheelchairs again. Sometimes we go mushroom hunting, raspberry picking or just walk through fallen leaves to the closest oak forest by the Morava River.  
Thank you and all the donors and organisation team for giving us a chance. 
Thank You!”
Soňa’s family


„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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