A New Member of the OHF Team

Naďa is a middle-aged athletic-looking woman. Short hair, sympathetic face, vivid eyes. She comes from Moravia, graduated from the faculty of pedagogy in Olomouc, which was supposed to direct her towards a career in teaching. However, it never happened.

She graduated in 1990, era when young people enjoyed increasing number of opportunities. Her friend inspired her to work as au pair in Canada. Naďa worked there for two years (unlike her friend who, at the end, didn’t go there).

After returning, home she worked as a teacher for a year, then moved to Brno, her “beloved city”. She wanted to move there so badly that she didn’t even think through what she was going to do there. Firstly, she was offered a job in an office... After some time, Naďa took her friend’s advice and applied for a job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that was looking for diplomatic staff. “I didn’t have any high expectations,” she said, however Mrs. Coincidence worked in her favor and she got accepted! Naďa moved to Prague, and two years later to New York to work at the Mission to the UN. “After four years I came back - just a month before 9/11.” She worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague for some time, then another four years in at the Mission to OSCE in Vienna, and next also at the embassy in The Hague. 

High level of stress at work had its consequences. In 2012 she fought an outbreak of a serious illness, due to which she returned to the Czech Republic, where she fought it for four years. “Such an illness does not make one stronger, or at least not me. It rather teaches you a lesson,” she said thoughtfully. She learnt who her real friends were. “And I also got to appreciate the power of our healthcare - we really don’t have much to complain about in comparison to what I’ve seen all over the world.” 

When she got better, she started to think what to do next. She didn’t want to return to a career-ori- ented job, and in that moment Mrs. Coincidence helped her once again: coffee with a friend, idea of a non-governmental sector and a vacant position at the OHF! Since January 2016, she has been our PR manager. “I didn’t look for a particular job, but for a particular working environment I wanted to be a part of. Here, I’m working with people dedicated to their jobs and that is what I was looking for,” she explained. 

Good luck, Naďa! 


„We wish that the right for dignified life is also enjoyed by those who live with handicap or mental illness, abandoned and old people, those who have a different skin colour or a different way of life, those in poverty or attacked by a malignant disease.“ Olga Havel
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